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Three Armenian Servicemen Killed and Two Wounded at the Border Due to Azerbaijani Fire

Three Armenian Servicemen Killed and Two Wounded at the Border Due to Azerbaijani Fire

The Ministry of Defence of Armenia has reported three Armenian servicemen killed and two wounded as intense fighting erupted in the Sotk and Norabak sectors. The Ministry has accused the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan of opening fire on Armenian positions, resulting in casualties and heightened tensions in the region.

According to Armenia's Ministry of Defence, the conflict escalated on September 1 at approximately 7:50 a.m. when Azerbaijani armed forces initiated intense fire directed at Armenian combat positions in the Sotk sector. This surge in hostilities follows what Armenia alleges to be a campaign of disinformation by the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan on August 31. The disinformation campaign created a basis for further provocations, according to Armenian authorities.

Throughout the day, Armenia provided a series of updates on the situation. By 11:20 a.m., the intensity of Azerbaijani fire toward Armenian positions in Sotk had decreased. The Ministry of Defence pledged to continue monitoring the situation and release further updates as necessary.

Armenia has also accused the Azerbaijani propaganda machine of spreading false information regarding the concentration of Armenian military assets in Sotk, characterizing these claims as a pretext for continued hostilities.

As of 5:30 p.m., reports suggest that the situation on the front line is relatively stable, although tensions persist.

The Ministry of Defence of Armenia has identified three servicemen killed in action as a result of the Azerbaijani provocation: Andranik Arshak Antonyan, Arsen Aleksandr Mkrtichyan, and Vachagan Saro Vardanyan. The Ministry extends its condolences to their families and fellow servicemen. Additionally, the health condition of the wounded serviceman is assessed as moderate, with no imminent danger to his life.


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