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Turkey Resumes Funding for Armenian Print Media After a Two-Year Hiatus

Turkey Resumes Funding for Armenian Print Media After a Two-Year Hiatus

Turkey's state-owned Press Council has decided to reinstate financial support for the country's Armenian, Greek, and Jewish print media in 2024, ending a two-year hiatus. The decision, as reported by Agos, the Armenian weekly newspaper in Istanbul, entails the allocation of 300,000 liras (nearly $10,000) to the print media of national minorities in Turkey, with distribution based on proportion.

This decision comes after a pause in funding that commenced in 2022, leaving representatives of national minority media in anticipation of increased financial assistance due to the country's significant inflation. However, the Turkish authorities have chosen to maintain the funding at the same level as two years ago.

The financial support for Turkey's national minority print media aligns with the commitment established under the Treaty of Lausanne, highlighting Turkey's acknowledgment of its responsibility to uphold the rights and representation of its diverse communities.

This move has sparked discussions among media circles and minority groups, with some expressing gratitude for the resumption of financial support while others are questioning the decision to maintain funding at previous levels despite economic changes.

The decision not only addresses the financial needs of minority print media but also raises broader questions about the dynamics of media support, representation, and the evolving socio-political landscape in Turkey. As the funds are set to be distributed among Armenian, Greek, and Jewish print media, this marks a step towards promoting diversity and preserving the voices of minority communities in the country.

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Turkey Resumes Funding for Armenian Print Media After a Two-Year Hiatus


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