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Turkish Governor Blocks Armenian Genocide Memorial in Istanbul for Third Consecutive Year

Turkish Governor Blocks Armenian Genocide Memorial in Istanbul for Third Consecutive Year

The governor of Istanbul, Turkey, has once again prohibited the holding of the Armenian Genocide commemoration event within the city limits. This marks the third consecutive year that the event has been banned.

The commemoration, which honors the victims of the Armenian Genocide, has been a longstanding tradition in Istanbul. However, the governor's decision to forbid the event has sparked outcry from organizers and community members alike.

According to reports from Agos Armenian weekly of Istanbul, the organizers of the commemoration expressed their dismay at the governor's decision and called for a review of the ban. They highlighted the significance of the event in remembering and honoring the victims of the Armenian Genocide, emphasizing its importance in acknowledging historical atrocities.

Organizers pointed out that the commemorative events had been held annually in Istanbul from 2010 to 2019 without interruption. However, following Covid-related restrictions, the Governorship of Istanbul has consistently denied permission for the event for the past three years.

The ban has reignited discussions surrounding freedom of expression and the recognition of historical events in Turkey. Critics argue that prohibiting the Armenian Genocide commemoration stifles dialogue and reconciliation efforts, hindering progress towards addressing historical injustices.

The Armenian Genocide, which occurred during World War I in the Ottoman Empire, and Turkey continues to deny. 

President Erdogan has said that it’s time [for Armenians] to abandon baseless memories and better to act on the realities of the present time. “Pashinyan understands this. It’s time to create new roadmaps on a realistic basis. I hope that Armenia will get rid of the darkness into which it was dragged by the [Armenian] diaspora and will choose the path of new undertakings for the sake of a bright future,” Erdogan threatened Armenians this week.


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