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Yerevan City Allocates Over $500,000 for New Year's Decorations

Yerevan City Allocates Over $500,000 for New Year's Decorations

Yerevan Municipality has designated 202 million 406 thousand drams ($502,114.56) for the upcoming New Year's festive decorations in the capital. The allocated amount was granted to "Cinemart" LLC, entrusted with the responsibility of embellishing the city for the New Year celebrations.

The contract specifically mandates "Cinemart" LLC to install and oversee the deployment of festive lighting equipment across the city. Notably, this isn't the first time that "Cinemart" has taken on this task; the company previously handled Yerevan's New Year's decorations without a competitive tender, receiving 191 million drams ($473,819.35) for the festive adornments last year.

According to records from the State Register of Legal Entities, "Cinemart" LLC was established on October 23, 2008. The director and sole owner holding 100 percent of the company's shares is Ruben Shahinyan, the head of strategic programs at the Public Television Company.

Yerevan Deputy Mayor Suren Grigoryan clarified the selection process for "Cinemart" LLC. Grigoryan emphasized that the decision to engage "Cinemart" for this year's decorations was based on the company's successful handling of the capital's festive adornments during the previous year. He underlined that there were no personal connections prompting this decision but rather a recognition of the company's competent execution of the New Year's decorations.

The selection of "Cinemart" for the New Year's embellishments has sparked discussions within the city, primarily due to the absence of competitive bids for the undertaking. Nonetheless, Yerevan Municipality remains firm in its decision, highlighting the past performance and capabilities of "Cinemart" in ensuring a vibrant and visually appealing cityscape during the festive season.


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