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Farm to Table Armenian News

Our goal is bring farm-to-table Armenian news, where the farm represents our team in Armenia, and the table symbolizes the diaspora. We deliver accurate, unbiased news to the Armenian Diaspora and the global community. Trust us for reliable reporting on Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora, highlighting issues that impact the community. Our comprehensive coverage includes politics, culture, business, and inspiring stories showcasing Armenian resilience. We foster engaged communities, upholding journalistic integrity and ethics. Embracing diversity, we provide a trusted source of news for Armenians worldwide, fostering understanding. Thank you for being part of our farm-to-table news, cultivating meaningful stories from Armenia to the diaspora. 

The Armenian Report News Team

Experienced Armenian Journalists

A team of experienced journalists who understand the nuances of ensuring accuracy of news stories.

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Verified News & Information

Verifiable news and information to make sure you have the most accurate reporting on Armenian news.

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Armenia-Based Team

Our news team is based in Armenia! We hire local, independent, and experienced professionals who are committed to delivering real news.

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Our Monthly Subscribers

Your monthly support goes directly to employing real journalists and staff in Armenia. 

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Our News Team

We look for people who are committed to delivering the truth and stand for integrity in their work and daily life. This is what has made our news team deliver and communicate meaningful stories and news to our subscribers and readers. We love working with great people to serve you!

Armenian Journalists of The Armenian Report.

Support Independent Armenian Journalists

The Armenian Report Journalists

Our news team relies on committed supporters like you! The Armenian Report hires real journalists in Armenia to bring the truth and information to you. Subscribe for as little as $5 a month and help us create more jobs in Armenia.

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Get stylish merchandise while supporting The Armenian Report! We rely on your support to keep objective journalism and hire professionals in Armenia! Shop shirts, hats, cups, and quality apparel today.

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