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Armenia and Turkey Plan To Reopen Border for Third-Country National in Early Summer

Photo From National Assembly of Armenia

There is an agreement to open the Armenia-Turkey border for nationals of third countries and diplomatic passport holders in early summer, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Armenia’s special representative for normalization with Turkey Ruben Rubinyan told reporters today.

“The Armenian side is working to furnish the Margara border crossing point. We are working to be ready to implement the above-mentioned agreements in summer,” Rubinyan said.

The Turkish side is also preparing for the opening of the border.

“In any case there has been no statement that would indicate the agreement is not in force,” he added.

As for the renovation of the Ani Bridge on the border between the two countries, Rubinyan said “no practical steps have been taken in that direction, but we’ll continue to work.”


Turkey closed its border with Armenia over 30 years ago in support of Azerbaijan, its brotherly nation who had lost the war to Armenia and Artsakh.

We would like to remind our readers that Ottoman Empire, modern day Turkey, committed the 1915 Armenian Genocide and until today denies its atrocities.


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