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Armenia Announces New 25-Day Military Training Camps for Reservists

Armenia Announces New 25-Day Military Training Camps for Reservists

During Thursday's Cabinet session, the Armenian government made a decision to launch extensive military training camps, set to begin on January 23, aiming to strengthen the preparedness of the nation's reservists.

The government's decision entails the announcement of military training camps specifically designed for reservists of the first and second ranks within the first group of rank-and-file, non-commissioned officers, and officer reservists. These training camps are scheduled to run from January 23 to April 12, 2024, encompassing an intensive period of military education and readiness.

Approximately 2,838 reservists are expected to participate in these training camps, categorized as 2,579 rank-and-file and junior officers, 98 senior non-commissioned officers, and 161 officers specializing in joint forces such as motor rifle, communications, reconnaissance, engineering, and rocket-artillery specialties.

Each participating reservist will be engaged in these rigorous training programs for a maximum of 25 calendar days. This initiative aims to enhance the capabilities and readiness of Armenia's reserve forces, ensuring their preparedness to swiftly respond to potential security challenges.

The decision to organize these comprehensive training camps shows Armenia's commitment to bolstering its national defense and strengthening the proficiency of its reservist corps. 

The training programs are anticipated to cover a wide array of essential military skills and knowledge, equipping the reservists with the necessary expertise to effectively contribute to Armenia's defense capabilities in the event of any unforeseen security threats.


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