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Armenia Celebrates Success as Hayasat-1 Satellite Signals and Data Analysis Commence

Armenia Celebrates Success as Hayasat-1 Satellite Signals and Data Analysis Commence

The Hayasat-1 satellite, Armenia’s first domestic satellite, is now actively recording signals from the initial "Hayasat-1" CubeSat format satellite. This achievement marks a successful step forward for independent Armenia in the field of space exploration.

The Hayasat team is currently engaged in planned data analysis, expressing their joy over the project's progress. Bazoomq Space Research Lab, the driving force behind this initiative, shared the exciting news, highlighting the importance of these operations as a platform for education, research, and the accumulation of new experiences.

"We are happy to inform that the Hayasat team is successfully recording the satellite's signals and carrying out the planned analysis of the received data. The team is very excited because these works, as well as certain difficulties that naturally occur during such operations, are an indispensable platform for education, research and new experiences,” stated Bazoomq Space Research Lab.

This accomplishment not only demonstrates Armenia's growing capabilities in the field of space technology but also signifies the country's commitment to fostering education and research in this cutting-edge domain. The successful initiation of data analysis marks a crucial phase in the utilization of the Hayasat-1 satellite, contributing to the expansion of Armenia's footprint in the global space community.

As Armenia continues to make strides in space exploration, the success of the Hayasat-1 project serves as a source of inspiration and pride for the nation, opening new doors for scientific discovery and technological innovation on the international stage.


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