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Armenia Files Fourth Complaint with ECHR Over Forced Displacement and Hostage of Artsakh Leaders

Armenia Files Fourth Complaint with ECHR Over Forced Displacement and Hostage of Artsakh Leaders

EXCLUSIVE: Armenia has submitted its fourth interstate complaint against Azerbaijan to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). In an interview with The Armenian Report, Hasmik Samvelyan, spokesperson for the Office of the Representative of Armenia on International Legal Affairs, informed us that she filed the complaint, which centers on the forced displacement of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh.

This latest complaint comes in the wake of Azerbaijani aggression, leading to the displacement of 101,848 people who sought refuge in Armenia. The formal submission details the dire consequences of the forced displacement and adds updates concerning the arrest of former presidents of Artsakh.

Addressing the issue of the detention of former Artsakh leaders, including Arkady Ghukasyan, Bako Sahakyan, Arayik Harutyunyan, Ruben Vardanyan, and Davit Ishkhanyan, as well as General Davit Manukyan, Samvelyan told The Armenian Report that ongoing additions to the report highlight the alarming developments surrounding their capture.

Earlier, invoking Rule 39 of the Rules of the Court, the representative of International Legal Affairs approached the ECHR, seeking protection for the rights of former and current leadership of Nagorno-Karabakh. The application aimed to compel Azerbaijan to release them immediately and provide comprehensive information. Azerbaijan has since furnished details about their health, detention conditions, and even provided photographs.

Samvelyan refrained from commenting on specific actions taken by Armenia to secure the release of the former leaders, citing ongoing legal considerations. The detention of these prominent figures, accused in September 2023 under what Armenia asserts are false criminal cases, raises concerns about the security implications for Armenia.

The accusations against the captured former presidents are substantial, with Baku leveling serious charges within the framework of contested criminal cases. The legal proceedings and hostage situation surrounding Arkady Ghukasyan, Bako Sahakyan, Arayik Harut, Ruben Vardanyan, and Davit Ishkhanyan, alongside General Davit Manukyan, continue to be a focal point in the complex post-conflict relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


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