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Armenia to Have Liaison Officer at Europol to Combat Transnational Crime

Armenia to Have Liaison Officer at Europol to Combat Transnational Crime

In a move to strengthen international collaboration against transnational crime, the Armenian government has approved an agreement to station a liaison officer at the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol).

During Thursday's Cabinet session, the government greenlit the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia and Europol. This decision follows the signing of a working agreement in September 2021, fostering collaboration between Armenian law enforcement agencies and Europol.

The newly approved agreement enables the placement of Armenia's liaison officer at Europol, facilitating direct communication with both Europol and liaison officers from EU member states. This development is for the swift and secure exchange of information, deepening Armenia's cooperation not only with Europol but also with the law enforcement agencies of EU member states.

The collaboration comes as part of Europol's broader mission, headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, which focuses on preventing and combating serious international and organized crime, cybercrime, and terrorism. Europol extends its reach beyond EU member states, working closely with non-EU partner countries and international organizations.

The threats addressed by Europol include terrorism, international drug trafficking, money laundering, organized fraud, counterfeiting of euros, and trafficking in human beings. By stationing a liaison officer at Europol, Armenia aims to actively contribute to the collective efforts in countering these significant security challenges.


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