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Armenian Foreign Minister Discusses Diplomatic Shifts and EU Prospects in Antalya, Turkey

Armenian Foreign Minister Discusses Diplomatic Shifts and EU Prospects in Antalya, Turkey

Armenia’s Foreign Minister, Ararat Mirzoyan, gave an interview to Turkish TRT World during his participation at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum. He said that the region, including Armenia, is going through serious transformations. 

He highlighted Armenia's commitment to a democratic path, Minister Mirzoyan emphasized the people's choice in favor of democratic development, reinforced through elections and the strengthening of democratic institutions. He emphasized the pivotal role played by the European Union and the United States as staunch supporters of Armenia's democratic reforms and institutional changes.

Diversifying relations is a key component of Armenia's evolving foreign policy, aiming to establish partnerships on multiple fronts. Minister Mirzoyan outlined the nation's strategy of significantly deepening ties with the EU and the USA, while maintaining traditional connections and exploring new partnerships, including with countries in the East and India.

Addressing the possibility of EU membership, Minister Mirzoyan acknowledged the active discussions within Armenia, citing the nation's European aspirations. While navigating challenges over the past few years, Armenia has explored various opportunities, with the idea of joining the EU being among them. However, he noted that the outcome of this ongoing process remains uncertain.

The Foreign Minister elaborated on the expanding cooperation with France and the USA, emphasizing a strategic dialogue with the US and ongoing discussions with the EU beyond the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement. Exploring visa liberalization and new mechanisms in relations with the EU reflects Armenia's commitment to broadening the scope of collaboration.

A notable development is the European Union's involvement in the security affairs of the region, marked by the deployment of an EU monitoring mission in Armenia to oversee the border with Azerbaijan. Minister Mirzoyan credited the mission with contributing to decreased tensions and enhanced stability along the border.


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