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Armenian Government Allocates $6 Million for Snoop Dogg Concert in Yerevan

Snoop Dogg Editorial credit

The Armenian Government has announced its allocation of AMD 2 billion 318 million (approximately $6 million) to organize a highly anticipated concert featuring the renowned hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg. The decision was made as part of the government's non-reportable matters, with the concert scheduled to take place on September 23 at Hrazdan Stadium in Yerevan.

The initiative behind the project aims to invigorate Armenia's cultural scene, enhance its international visibility, and foster cultural tourism within the country. The event is anticipated to draw 20,000 to 25,000 fans, with a significant portion of attendees projected to be tourists, each estimated to spend around $1,000 during their stay in Armenia.

The allocated funds will cover various aspects of the concert, including Snoop Dogg's performance fees, technical requirements for his team, security and insurance expenses, top-tier technical equipment, and promotional undertakings. The Armenian government has entrusted the implementation of the project to Doping Space LLC, a newly established company helmed by Makar Petrosyan, in collaboration with Hayk Simonyan, the founder of Doping advertising agency

This venture signifies an opportunity for Armenia to enter the global entertainment industry and cultivate conditions conducive to attracting more renowned artists to the country. Doping Space LLC's founder, Makar Petrosyan, possesses a notable background, with ties to the MAP wine-brandy factory and political involvement.

The Armenian government's decision to support the Snoop Dogg concert underscores its commitment to elevating the nation's cultural vibrancy and international image. As September 23 approaches, anticipation grows among fans and tourists alike for an event that promises to leave an indelible mark on Armenia's cultural landscape.


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