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Azerbaijani Flag Seen by Residents of Kirants Village in Armenia

Azerbaijani flag seen from Armenia's Kirants village of Tavush province

In the morning, residents of Kirants village in Armenia's Tavush Province noticed an Azerbaijani flag in the delimited areas of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. Kamo Shahinyan, the head of Kirants village, confirmed the sighting.

"Where the Azerbaijani border guards are stationed, that's where they have put their flag," Shahinyan said. 

This incident follows recent border delimitation in the village initiated by the current Armenian government. Several residents of Kirants have been burning and demolishing their property, which is set to come under Azerbaijani control due to the border delimitation agreement implemented by the government of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. These residents have refused the compensation offered to them by the Armenian authorities.

The presence of the Azerbaijani flag has heightened the sense of unease among the villagers. Many are concerned about the implications of the border changes and the future safety and security of their homes and livelihoods.

The border delimitation process has been a contentious issue, with many residents feeling dissatisfied with the government's handling of the situation. The appearance of the Azerbaijani flag is seen as a stark reminder of the shifting realities on the ground.


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