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Kirants Residents Destroy Property as Armenian Government Issues Land Surrender Forms to Sign

The Armenian government has issued a legal document to residents of Kirants village in the Tavush province, requiring them to sign a release giving up their lands and homes due to the recent demarcation agreement with Azerbaijan. In exchange for signing this release form, residents are seeking compensation for their properties. 

Authorities have distributed application forms that residents must complete, agreeing to relinquish their property rights for government compensation. The exact amount of compensation has not yet been disclosed. The release form states: "I confirm that in case of receiving the amount subject to compensation, I renounce all possible property and non-property claims against RA. At the same time, with this application, I authorize the Tavush governor's office to submit an application to the Cadastre Committee for the state registration of the termination of the right to the property," as seen by The Armenian Report.

However, the release form does not specify the amount of compensation or the method of calculation. The form references government decision N 723-АG from May 20, but The Armenian Report was unable to locate this decision on the government’s website, When contacted, government authorities suggested submitting a written request for information.

Acts of Defiance 

Tensions escalated today when a Kirants resident set fire to a portion of his agricultural land that will be ceded to Azerbaijan. Police officers and firefighters quickly intervened to extinguish the fire and prevent further damage. The resident, expressing his frustration, stated that he had cultivated the land with his own hands and refuses to leave it to "the Turks."

Kirants Residents Destroy Property as Armenian Government Issues Land Surrender Forms to Sign

A scuffle broke out between police and villagers, with officers initially attempting to arrest the man responsible for the fire. However, after discussions, the arrest was not made. This incident shows the emotional and volatile atmosphere in Kirants as the land transfer approaches.

Increased Border Guards

Kirants is one of four villages in Tavush province slated for transfer to Azerbaijan, and it is the hardest hit by the planned handover. Residents report that their community will lose 54 agricultural plots, two private houses, a shop, and another structure. One resident was seen bulldozing his family bistro, which is also set to be ceded. The shop owner began emptying his premises on Thursday morning, initially given 24 hours to vacate. Later, officials extended the deadline to one month.

Security has been tightened in Kirants, with an increased presence of Armenian border guards not only at border posts but also in residential areas. For the past five days, security forces have blocked all roads leading to Kirants, allowing only local residents to enter or leave the village, located 160 kilometers (100 miles) north of Yerevan.

Ongoing Protests and Future Uncertainty

Kirants has become the epicenter of protests against the territorial concessions announced by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leading the anti-government protests, has taken the campaign to Yerevan, demanding Pashinyan’s resignation. A major rally is planned for Sunday, May 26.

Residents remain deeply concerned about their safety, fearing the proximity of Azerbaijani troops after the land transfer. They worry that the local school will be just a few dozen meters from the new border. Similar concerns have been voiced by residents of other affected Tavush communities.


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