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First Armenian Front Ultras March to Republican Stadium Ahead of Armenia vs. Wales Match

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

First Armenian Front Ultras March to Republican Stadium Ahead of Armenia vs. Wales Match

Ahead of the highly anticipated match against the Welsh team, die-hard supporters of the Armenian national football team orchestrated a colorful and spirited march through the heart of Yerevan earlier today. The vibrant procession, filled with enthusiastic fans, added to the excitement surrounding the upcoming clash.

Amidst chants of encouragement and national pride, the dedicated fans released colorful ink cylinders into the air, creating a spectacle of colors that adorned the streets. The Armenian national anthem echoed through the city, encapsulating the passion and unwavering support for their beloved team.

Of particular note was the presence of Wales fans, who followed and observed the march of their Armenian counterparts, showcasing a sense of mutual respect and sporting camaraderie between the two nations.

The anticipation reached a crescendo as the starting lineup of the Armenian national football team for the crucial match against Wales was unveiled. Alexander Petrakov, the team's head coach, revealed the formidable lineup featuring key players set to take the field: Ognjen Cancarevic, Georgi Harutyunyan, Varazdat Haroyan, Nair Tiknizyan, Andre Calisir, Eduard Spertsyan, Vahan Bichakhchyan, Ugochukwu Iwu, Artak Dashyan, Hrant-Leon Ranos, and Lucas Zelarayan.

The stage is set for the Armenia-Wales showdown, scheduled to kick off at 18:00 local time at the "Republican" stadium named in honor of Vazgen Sargsyan, where passionate fans eagerly await the match.

Recalling their previous encounter, in the initial match between the two teams, the Armenian side emerged victorious with a commanding 4-2 win on Welsh soil, setting the stage for what promises to be another captivating and closely contested battle on the field.


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