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Gunshots Fired from Azerbaijani Territory Target Armenian Airport, Causing Damage

Unidentified Individual Shoots Towards Syunik Airport; Incident Prompts Calls for Investigation and Prevention

Gunshots Fired from Azerbaijani Territory Target Armenian Airport, Causing Damage

The National Security Service of Armenia (NSS) reported on Friday that an unidentified individual fired three shots from Azerbaijani territory towards the Syunik airport in Kapan, located along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border line. The incident occurred on August 18, with two bullets causing damage to the Armenian airport's window and roof.

According to the NSS statement, the shots were fired at 04:24 a.m. by an unknown person who accessed the adjacent territory of the Syunik airport in Kapan on an undisclosed vehicle. The individual subsequently left the scene. The NSS has urged Azerbaijani authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and take preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of such incidents. The NSS Border Guard of Armenia has expressed its readiness for a collaborative inquiry and has offered to share relevant video footage with the Azerbaijani side.

The incident transpired just hours after Prime Minister Pashinyan's plane had landed at the Kapan airport on August 17. Gor Tsarukyan, the director of the Public Relations and Information Center of the Prime Minister's Office, confirmed that the Syunik civil airport in Kapan was the target of the attack. He addressed the situation on Twitter, stating that "Azerbaijani terrorists once again targeted the 'Syunik' civil airport in Kapan, Armenia. Security personnel swiftly evacuated guests from the premises. While a plane successfully landed despite the attack, notable figures like Arayik Harutyunyan, Head of the PM's Office, Armen Grigoryan, Secretary of the National Assembly, deputy ministers, and citizens were on board. Such acts of terrorism jeopardize innocent lives and stability."

The situation highlights the ongoing ceasefire violations of Azerbaijan, particularly in border regions. The incident underscores the precariousness of the security situation in the area and the potential risks posed to civilian infrastructure.


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