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Increase in Crime Rates: Armenian Chief of Police Presents 2023 Crime Statistics

Increase in Crime Rates: Armenian Chief of Police Presents 2023 Crime Statistics

The Chief of Police and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Aram Hovhannisyan, delivered a press conference revealing a concerning rise in crime rates during the first 11 months of 2023. The statistics disclosed a 5.3 percent increase, equivalent to 1771 additional cases, compared to the same period in the previous year.

In 2022, a total of 33,281 crimes were recorded during the 11-month period, while in 2023, this number escalated to 35,052 cases. Hovhannisyan presented a breakdown of the crime categories, highlighting notable changes in specific areas.

Murders showed a decrease of 7 cases, demonstrating a positive trend amidst the overall increase. However, fraud cases surged by 342, and traffic violations witnessed a concerning rise of 226 incidents. Of significant concern is the drastic increase in illegal drug trafficking, marking a staggering uptick of 2,354 cases. Similarly, illegal trafficking of weapons and munitions rose by 300 cases, and bribery cases saw an increase of 340.

Addressing the press, Hovhannisyan expressed the law enforcement's awareness of the challenges posed by these escalating crime rates. He emphasized the need for strategic interventions to curb the rise in criminal activities, with a focus on areas experiencing the most substantial increases.

The Chief of Police assured the public of their commitment to tackling these issues through enhanced law enforcement efforts, collaboration with communities, and implementing targeted preventive measures. He stressed the importance of public cooperation in reporting suspicious activities to aid law enforcement in their efforts to maintain public safety.


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