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PM Nikol Pashinyan Visits Border Villages in Armenia's Tavush Province to Address Concerns of Potential Azerbaijani Threats

PM Nikol Pashinyan Visits Border Villages in Armenia's Tavush Province to Address Concerns of Potential Azerbaijani Threats

In order to address ongoing concerns over border issues, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan traveled to Tavush Province of Armenia to meet with residents, specifically in villages facing Azerbaijani threats regarding their territorial status.

Pashinyan visited Voskepar, Baghanis, and neighboring Armenian villages, where he directly interacted with locals to allay fears and clarify the government's stance on the matter. These meetings were facilitated by Pashinyan's spokesperson, Nazeli Baghdasaryan, who provided updates via social media.

During a press conference, Pashinyan reiterated Armenia's firm position against any talk of ceding Tavush villages to Azerbaijan. He categorically denied the existence of discussions regarding such a transfer and emphasized that no Tavush village would be handed over.

Despite ongoing speculation, Pashinyan remained resolute, stating that discussions around border delimitation could potentially begin in Tavush Province. He highlighted the importance of reconstructing Armenia's communications along the border with Azerbaijan to ensure they remain within the de jure territory of Armenia.

In a subsequent meeting with residents of Kirants village, Pashinyan continued to reassure locals, emphasizing his commitment to engaging directly with border communities to provide clarity on the government's strategy and address any concerns they may have.

The Prime Minister says that he has a proactive approach and he is determined to uphold Armenia's territorial integrity while navigating complex border negotiations. By engaging with residents firsthand, Pashinyan says he hopes to foster transparency and ensure that local voices are heard in the decision-making process.

Background: Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says no Armenian villages will be handed over to Azerbaijan from Tavush region. The PM’s government official says that those villages which Azerbaijan is demanding from Armenia are not located in the administrative territory of Armenia. Opposition leaders, local residents, human rights defenders all disagree with the government statement, They say that those villages have always belonged to Armenians. 


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