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Russia Confirms Unchanged Natural Gas Tariff for Armenia in 2024

Russia Confirms Unchanged Natural Gas Tariff for Armenia in 2024

Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan has confirmed that the price of Russian natural gas supplied to Armenia will remain consistent throughout the year 2024. Grigoryan shared this information with Armenpress, assuring that the gas price at the border will stay constant, consequently maintaining unchanged tariffs for consumers within Armenia.

"As of now, we have clear information that the gas price at the border will not change in 2024. And I am confident that based on that, the tariff for consumers will stay unchanged as well," Grigoryan stated, providing assurance regarding the stability of gas prices for Armenian consumers.

Grigoryan further elaborated that Gazprom Armenia, the local subsidiary of Gazprom in Armenia, has already finalized a contract with Gazprom, the Russian gas giant, for the year 2024. The contract explicitly specifies that there will be no alterations in the pricing structure.

The current price of Russian natural gas at the Armenian border stands at US$165 per 1,000 cubic meters. This confirmation of a consistent tariff aims to provide assurance and stability for both Gazprom Armenia and Armenian consumers regarding future gas prices, facilitating reliable planning and budgeting.

The confirmation of a fixed gas tariff for the upcoming year aligns with efforts to ensure consistency and predictability in energy costs for Armenia. This announcement comes as a relief to consumers and businesses alike, offering a degree of economic certainty in the face of potential fluctuations in global energy markets.


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