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Vandalism of Armenian Genocide Memorial in UK Linked to Turkish Grey Wolves Presence

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Vandalism of Armenian Genocide Memorial in UK Linked to Turkish Grey Wolves Presence

An Armenian lawyer from London, Tatevik Grigorian, has reported the vandalism of the memorial cross-stone dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The incident, which occurred in Ealing, has raised concerns within the community, prompting an immediate investigation by local authorities.

Grigorian took to her social media on X, formerly Twitter, to share the distressing news. Having attended the unveiling of the cross-stone in late September, she posted a photo and video capturing the presence of individuals affiliated with the Turkish ultra nationalist group known as the Grey Wolves These individuals were seen holding Turkish flags during the event and making a fascist hand sign, as documented by Grigorian.

The cross-stone, serving as a solemn tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, stood as a symbol of remembrance and acknowledgment of historical atrocities. However, the act of vandalism has cast a shadow over the monument's significance and stirred emotions within the Armenian community.

Lindsey Snell, a journalist and filmmaker, echoed Grigorian's sentiments on X, condemning the actions of the Turkish Grey Wolves. Snell reported that the ultranationalist group had attended the unveiling with the intention of flashing their fascist hand sign, a move perceived by many as an attempt to intimidate Armenians.

In the aftermath of the memorial's desecration, suspicions have arisen about the potential involvement of those associated with the Turkish Grey Wolves. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter to identify the vandals and bring them to justice.

The incident has sparked outrage, with community leaders and activists demanding action against the perpetrators. As the investigation unfolds, the local authorities are expected to explore all leads, including the documented presence of the Turkish Grey Wolves at the unveiling event.

The desecration of the Armenian Genocide memorial in Ealing is not only an attack on the physical monument but also an affront to the memory of the victims and the significance of acknowledging historical atrocities.


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