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Armenia's FM to EU's Josep Borrell: Azerbaijan Seeking Excuses for Border Escalations

Armenia's FM to EU's Josep Borrell: Azerbaijan Seeking Excuses for Border EscalationsZs

In an important meeting on Tuesday, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan held discussions with Josep Borrell, the Vice President of the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The meeting, held in Brussels ahead of the fifth EU-Armenia Partnership Council, addressed crucial aspects of the Armenia-EU partnership.

The dialogue encompassed the progress of the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, democratic developments within Armenia, and collaborative initiatives implemented in recent times. Both parties explored new domains for potential partnership development. Additionally, the meeting delved into security concerns in the South Caucasus, emphasizing the need for regional stability.

Of particular concern was the recent incident involving Azerbaijan's armed forces in the Nerkin Hand village sector of Armenia's Syunik Province. Minister Mirzoyan expressed his apprehension, asserting that Azerbaijan's actions indicate a deliberate pursuit of excuses for border escalations. He emphasized Azerbaijan's continuous efforts to undermine stability and security in the South Caucasus, hindering negotiations aimed at normalizing Armenia-Azerbaijan relations.

The Foreign Minister condemned Azerbaijan's use of force and provocations, calling for a halt to destabilizing actions and a return to negotiations. He reiterated Armenia's proposals for implementing reliable measures to enhance border security.

The meeting concluded with an appeal for restraint to prevent further destabilization in the South Caucasus. 


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