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Artsakh Ex-Official Samvel Babayan Speaks About Negotiating with Azerbaijan

Artsakh Ex-Official Samvel Babayan Asserts Speaks About Negotiating with Azerbaijan

Former Secretary of Security Council and ex-defense minister of Artsakh, Samvel Babayan, vocalized his skepticism regarding the resolution of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) conflict during a recent press encounter in Yerevan.

Babayan's presence at the meeting of the Inquiry Committee for Studying the Circumstances of the Hostilities Unleashed on September 27, 2020, organized by the National Assembly of Armenia, sparked curiosity among reporters. Addressing their questions, he stated, "They invited me, and I agreed to be present and answer their questions. Why should I avoid?"

When pressed about his initial refusal to participate, Babayan explained that he had proposed a broader examination spanning the last two decades, outlining the conflict's origins and progression. However, his suggestion wasn't endorsed, prompting his initial reluctance to cooperate further.

Expressing his firm stance, Babayan asserted, "The Artsakh issue has not been resolved and cannot be resolved at any time." He also highlighted his proposal for a committee to address the issue, acknowledging differences between the Artsakh authorities and Armenia's opposition regarding his involvement.

Regarding recent claims by Artsakh President Samvel Shahramanyan about negotiations with Azerbaijan excluding Babayan, he advised awaiting the investigation's outcome, suggesting Shahramanyan could clarify the situation if approached by the investigators.

Responding to questions about his role in facilitating the return of Artsakh Armenians, Babayan cryptically stated, "I'm dealing with everything," avoiding specifics on government actions and emphasizing his personal efforts.

Additionally, Babayan expressed skepticism about the possibility of Armenia signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan without addressing the status of Artsakh. "If they return, in what status? That status should be noted in the document," he remarked, underscoring the complexity of the ongoing negotiations.

He firmly concluded, "I don't consider the signing of a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan possible at this phase," emphasizing the intricacies and unresolved status of Artsakh as a critical factor.


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