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EU Mission Expands Presence in Armenia with New Operating Base in Ijevan

EU Mission Expands Presence in Armenia with New Operating Base in Ijevan

The European Union Monitoring Mission in Armenia (EUMA) officially opened its new operating base in Ijevan today, marking an important development in its mission to monitor and facilitate peace and stability in the region.

The announcement of the base's opening was made through a post on the EU Mission in Armenia's official Twitter account. The new facility will serve as a central location for the mission's operations and its mandate to observe and promote peace and security in Armenia.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by several notable figures, including Head of Mission Markus Ritter, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Ambassador Vassilis Maragos, Deputy Defence Minister Hrachya Sargsyan, and Governor of Tavush Province Hayk Ghalumyan. Together, they formally inaugurated the EUMA's new offices in Tavush, signifying the EU's commitment to its partnership with Armenia.

The establishment of this operating base reflects the EU's ongoing efforts to expand its presence and capabilities in Armenia and strengthen cooperation with local authorities and institutions. It represents a step toward enhancing the EU's ability to monitor and support peace and security in the region.

The EUMA plays a crucial role in promoting stability and confidence-building measures in Armenia, contributing to the overall peace process. This new operating base is expected to facilitate the mission's work and enable it to respond more effectively to evolving challenges in the region.

As the EUMA increases its presence and involvement in Armenia, it underscores the European Union's commitment to supporting peace, stability, and cooperation in the South Caucasus region. The EU's partnership with Armenia remains a significant component of its broader efforts to foster peace and prosperity in the area.

The opening of this operating base in Ijevan represents a practical manifestation of the EU's dedication to supporting Armenia and its ongoing commitment to maintaining regional security and stability. The new base is anticipated to enhance the EU Mission's capacity to carry out its work in the country effectively.


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