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Expert Debunks Azerbaijan's Claims of Historical Heritage in Armenia, Presents List of Armenian Sites Destroyed by Azerbaijan

Expert Debunks Azerbaijan's Claims of Historical Heritage in Armenia, Presents List of Armenian Sites Destroyed by Azerbaijan

In early March, President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan made headlines during an international conference in Baku addressing Islamophobia in 2024. Accusations flew as Aliyev claimed both the European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) served as platforms for promoting Islamophobia. His assertions were closely tied to recent events, including the European Parliament's resolution and the removal of powers from the Azerbaijani delegation to PACE.

However, amidst these claims, Aliyev pointed fingers at Armenia, accusing them of destroying Azerbaijan's Islamic historical and cultural heritage. This accusation, though, faces scrutiny given Azerbaijan's actions in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), particularly concerning Armenian cultural sites.

Azerbaijan's allegations aren't isolated incidents but part of a pattern. The country has a history of baseless accusations, targeting not only Armenia but also Iranian cultural monuments safeguarded in Armenia.

Against this backdrop, The Armenian Report reached out to Hovik Avanesov, the "Ombudsman of Culture of Hayk" tasked with monitoring the destruction of cultural heritage in Artsakh under Azerbaijan's occupation. 

"Azerbaijan's main war criminal, Aliyev, faithful to his usual method of misrepresenting facts, once again spreads fake news.

We assert that there are no Azerbaijani historical and cultural areas within Armenia's territory. This is once again fake news propagated by Azerbaijan at a state level.

It is crucial to note that Azerbaijan's presence on the map is a result of Turkey's military intervention in 1918 and appears to be part of a pan-Turkish project. Until 1918, Azerbaijan did not exist as a country. Therefore, to claim that historical and cultural areas of Azerbaijan are being destroyed in Armenia is false," Avanesov told The Armenian Report.

Avanesov provided a comprehensive list detailing the damage inflicted by Azerbaijan:

"This is not the complete list. Every day, Armenian cultural life in Artsakh is being demolished by the Azerbaijani government. The purpose of this Azerbaijani political maneuvering is to completely erase the Armenian presence in Artsakh," concluded Avanesov to The Armenian Report.

The Armenian Report will continue to update the list to ensure it remains up-to-date for all our readers to access.


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